JB’s introduction to club culture began at birth. His father was a Dj at a popular lounge and his mother was a full on disco queen with music playing in the house non stop. A true B-Boy to the core, he embraced everything Hip Hop. At age 11, his neighbor gave him DJ lessons and . While in high school, he an a friend began promoting parties, making pause button mixtapes and mixing with 4 decks while his younger brother took over the mic.

Flash forward JB co-founded a successful record label Élan Records and music production company with then partner Ian Carey under the moniker Soul Providers.
The duo released a string of hit productions and remixes that are now considered classics.

Jason continues touring the world, headlining some of the best venues and playing festivals as well. He also produces stand out events, most notably his signature “Sunset Soirée” usually held on rooftops in various cities. 2012 he launched his new imprint, Futuro Sounds, focusing on upfront House productions. He often accredits his success, longevity and passion for in his career to being a fan. “Before I became a producer, DJ, dancer or promoter, I was a fan of first and I’m still a fan”